6 Tips for Selling Your NJ Home in the Winter

Selling Your NJ Home in the Winter

Are you planning on selling your NJ home in the winter time? If so, read on to find out some of the best tips and practices to help make the process a better experience for both you and the buyer. Here are 6 Tips for Selling Your NJ Home in the Winter:

1. Keep the Driveway and Walkways Clear

The last thing you want is for any potential buyer to slip and fall on ice or a walkway that has not been shoveled. No buyer wants to experience slipping and falling at a home they may potentially purchase. Salt the walkways to prevent ice, and keep everything shoveled regularly when it snows. If you have a deck or patio in the back, make sure you clear some (if not all) of the snow and de-ice them with salt. Many buyers like to open the back door and step outside to get a feel for the backyard. If you’re concerned about the safety of ice melt products for pets, here is a product that looks to be safe for dogs and cats.

2. Keep the Inside of Your Home Warm and Comfortable.

When selling your house in the winter, always keep the interior of your home warm and inviting. After being in the cold, no buyer wants to step into a cold house. Try to keep all thermostats to around 72 degrees. If you have a fireplace and can keep it safely lit for any showings, it will help to provide a great showing experience for any winter buyer in NJ.

3. Remove Old Holiday Decorations

A turn-off for many people shopping after the holidays have passed are decorations that are still up. It can give a sense to prospective buyers that you may not be on top of the cleaning and interior maintenance of the home. Especially if it has already been more than 1 month since the end of the holidays. Remove all holiday decorations to provide the best experience to any New Jersey home buyer.

4. Price your Home Strategically

Make sure to consider the current market when pricing the home. Keep in mind, the market usually slows during the colder months of the year, so try to compare it to the most recent sales possible. If most sales have occurred in fall or warmer weather, set proper expectations and allow for a little more time on the market. In the colder months, there are less buyers, but the buyers out there tend to be more serious. You are also facing less competition from other homes, so stay positive while selling your home in the winter! If you are wondering what your NJ home value might be, click here for a free, instant estimate.

5. Provide Easy Access During Daytime Hours

During the winter in New Jersey, it gets dark early. Make sure your home is accessible during all daylight hours. Also, try not to deny any daytime showings. Your house will show better with natural light, and buyers will have a better experience. If you happen to have a large yard, it will also make it easier to see the landscape and exterior features. Providing easy accessibility during the daytime will result in better offers and less time on the market. .

6. Be Creative with Photos

If you are not able to take photos of your house without snow in them, think of some of the other great features of the home that can be used as a main listing photo. Features such as newly renovated kitchens, great rooms with high ceilings, or formal living rooms with fireplaces all make for an excellent feature photo. This will attract more NJ buyers, and help you to stand out against most of the other feature photos that just show the outside of the house, and may include snow. Does the home have a newly renovated kitchen? You can use that as the main photo, if the exterior of your home is covered in snow, and many details are hidden.


This wraps up our 6 Tips for Selling Your NJ Home in the Winter. If you would like more information, or an expert opinion on listing your home for sale this winter, contact Avallon Real Estate Group anytime. We’re happy to help you!

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