Need a Solid Investment? Real Estate Could Be It!

For the past 9 years in a row, real estate has been rated as the best long-term investment as stated in a recent Gallup poll. When compared to stocks/mutual funds, gold, CDs/savings accounts, and bonds, real estate came out on top by more than 20%! Of those surveyed, 24% preferred stocks and mutual funds (the 2nd most popular option), whereas 45% preferred real estate.

When people think of owning real estate, they think of their home. However, a home is also an investment in your future, as it is typically a stable and secure asset. Additionally, your home also grows in value over the long term. For many families owning a home is the cornerstone of their financial wealth.

In addition to serving as your residence, real estate can also provide income through rental properties. Some of the benefits to owning a rental property include a supplemental monthly income that pays down your mortgage & expenses, as well as providing a profit to the landlord. Many people use one property to help them accumulate more properties. This further increases their monthly income and retirement options.

Lastly, many investors use real estate as a means to make large profits through fix & flip strategies. This involves buying a property that is in need of major rehabbing and then reselling the property for a higher price. The most important part of this strategy is buying the property at a low enough price. The purchase price needs to account for the repair costs, and the necessary profit to make the whole deal worth it.

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