3 Reasons You Should Buy a Home in Society Hill, Lawrenceville, NJ

Society Hill, Lawrenceville, NJ

Do you like the idea of living in a quiet, affordable, neighborhood? How about a neighborhood that is a short walk to main street complete with local restaurants, cafes, and other amenities? If so, read on to find out the 3 reasons why you should buy a condo or townhome in Society Hill, Lawrenceville, NJ.

1. Affordable Home Prices:
In today’s New Jersey Real Estate market, it is becoming increasingly harder to find affordably priced homes. As of this writing, in Society Hill of Lawrenceville, NJ, home prices approximately range between $170,000 – $330,000. Anyone who has been recently searching for a home should know this is a great price point for a first time home buyer, or someone that does not want to overspend. Within this range, you can buy a 1 or 2 bedroom flat, or a more expansive 3 bed, 2 bathroom town home. There are also a myriad of options that include fully updated units or units that may need renovation work.

Society Hill, Lawrenceville, NJ

Renovated Kitchen of a townhome in Society Hill, Lawrenceville, NJ.

2. Centrally Located to Amenities, Parks, and Transportation:
One of the unique aspects of living in Society Hill, Lawrenceville, NJ is that the neighborhood and environment are very quiet, yet it is centrally located to local amenites and transportation that include downtown Lawrenceville (Main Street), Mercer Park, I-295/95, Route 206, and a short drive to Downtown Princeton. The Lawrenceville Main Street has a post office, great local restaurants and cafes, and is also home to Lawrenceville Prep. Mercer Park, which is adjacent to Society Hill, has miles of walking and biking trails. As a result, anyone that enjoys biking, running, or hiking outdoors can easily see why this is such a desirable neighborhood. Additionally, if you happen to be someone who works in Princeton, or commutes to Philadelphia or New York, Lawrenceville Society Hill is only a few minutes drive to all major highways, train stations, and Princeton. Again, some of the major highways and roads include I-295/95, and Route 206.

3. Excellent Resale or Rental Potential
The last reason why anyone should consider buying in Society Hill of Lawrenceville, NJ is that the resale and rental potential is excellent. Sometimes when you buy a new home, your long term plans can change sooner than you expect. In that case, you may need to move or relocate again. When properties go on sale in Lawrenceville Society Hill, they tend to sell very quickly and retain their value well. What that means for a seller, is that you can expect to get a great price and not spend a long time on the market dealing with showings.

If your relocation happens to be temporary, you also have the option of renting your property to someone. Offering a home for rent in this neighborhood is similar to selling it, as there is usually a very high demand, and strong prices. In addition to the demand, the rental applicants tend to be reputable individuals, including many working professionals. When offering your home for rent here, expect to get many applicants, and spend a shorter time on the market.

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