5 Simple Upgrades to Raise Your NJ Home Sales Price

5 Simple Upgrades NJ Home

If you want to make the most out of the potential value of your NJ home, some simple upgrades will be the key solution. Here, I’m not talking about costly, time-consuming repairs, but minimal upgrades or quick repairs to maximize your home’s value. Look at the following 5 simple upgrades you can do to raise your NJ home’s market value before listing it for sale.

1. Add Curb Appeal

A quick way to lift the property value and turn some heads is to focus on outdoor improvements. A trip to the hardware store followed by a few hours of hard work on landscaping can boost the visual appeal of your house. For a bigger commitment, consider installing a deck, updating your patio with new pavers, or putting elements that can add style and interest to your home’s curb appeal. You can also cash in on an ongoing trend of putting in a fire pit with a seating area. Another way to tie your backyard together and make it your little oasis is to install a privacy fence.

2. Make Needed Repairs

While updating your landscaping and patio, you can add some color and fun. As your house and the front yard are always evolving when plants mature and seasons change, redoing your siding or roof can provide benefits for years to come. Replacing your gutters and investing in a gutter protection system will not only make them easier to maintain but also increase your home value. One more thing that can help you save money year-round is investing in energy efficient windows that keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The last thing that could save you a giant headache is hiring a professional to inspect and repair your foundation. This can prevent you from running into larger issues that grow rapidly over time.

3. Remodel Your Kitchen

If you looking to focus your hard-earned money on a specific area of your home, the kitchen will yield the greatest return on investment. An upgraded
kitchen makes your home irresistible to NJ buyers. While purchasing stainless steel appliances or installing granite or marble countertops are likely to cost you more than the rest, they will appeal to the masses. Updating any tiling around backsplashes can further add both value and an aesthetic flourish. If budget and time are a concern, you can always take on a smaller project like updating cabinet fronts or fixtures.

4. Refresh Your Walls and Floors

If you’re still dealing with carpets in the common living areas of your home, it may be time to consider spicing things up and getting some hardwood flooring. Besides a great visual appeal, hardwood flooring doesn’t stain and is easier to clean and more durable than conventional carpets. These benefits will thus allow you to increase your home value over time. If you already have some hardwood floors, but they’re a little worn out, consider refinishing them to add more value to your home. If the flooring is less of a concern, you can remove the wallpaper and repaint it with neutral tones to add elegance and unique touch. Any upgrade to bring your house to a ready-to-sell state is going to result in increased value.

5. Utilize Technology

Over the last few years, smart devices have been widely accepted and gained significant momentum in upgrading a house. With the growing eco-consciousness among today’s customers, getting a
smart thermostat can save energy year-round. Keyless locks that offer convenience and improved security are also easy, inexpensive improvements.

Finally, home security equipment has received high traction for its affordability and ease of installation and use. Chances are likely that you can set up an entirely adequate home security system including cameras and sensors for less than $100. These sophisticated pieces of equipment will send notifications to any compatible smart device and alert you about the goings-on in and around your home. These upgrades offer you a bonus to market your property and increase your home value, giving you a much-needed leg-up to find potential buyers.